How to choose a protection mask for maximum filter against microbes?

Wearing protection mask is one of the frontline preventive measures against infections and microbes. The environment around us is highly polluted, especially the air. It has a diverse variety of microbes like viruses and bacteria floating in it.

These microbes are sometimes so infectious that they can create health-related unrest all around the world. For instance, at present, the whole world is fighting against COVID-19 which is havoc created by the coronavirus. In order to protect you against such infectious particles, protection masks work the best.

Choosing a protection mask isn’t that easy. There is a wide variety of masks available in the market. However, all of them don’t work appropriately against environmental microbes. In order to ensure maximum protection, the right protection mask shall be chosen. This article discusses some useful tips and guidelines that can help the buyers to choose the right mask for them.

Before we begin with the tips, let’s highlight some key characteristics of high-quality masks to make it a bit easier for you to choose. A good quality protection masks come with the following features,

  • A properly sealed packing
  • Breathable material
  • Excellent comfort and easy to wear
  • Protective for both indoor and outdoor use
  • Work well with glasses
  • Ensure high safety against microbes

The following are some tips to choose efficient protection masks.

Recognize the hazards

Before choosing a protection mask, the buyers must recognize the hazards they are facing. Different masks have different filters against different contaminants. For instance, KN95 masks have a filter that provides protection against infectious particles with diameters in micrometers. There are masks available with filters against chemical agents like ammonia, trichloroethane, etc.  Therefore, before you choose a mask, you should know the hazard you are using the mask against.

Take into account your surroundings

One of the greatest considerations while choosing protection masks is your surroundings or the environment around you. The external conditions of your area like temperature, oxygen content, humidity all of these matters should be taken into account while making a purchase.

Know the level of protection you want

The filters within the masks have been designed for different levels of protection. For example, level-1 filters are effective against low-risk exposure, level-2 filters are effective against moderate-risk exposure, and level-3 filters are effective against high-risk exposure. Before you choose a mask, evaluate the risk of exposure around you for an appropriate choice of filter.

Take the five-metric-test

The efficacy of a protection mask can be check with a five-metric-test. These five performance metrics can help to check if the mask is of high or low quality. These metrics include,

  • Fluid resistance
  • Breathability
  • Bacterial filtration (BFE)
  • Particulate filtration (PFE)
  • Flammability

If your protection mask successfully passes the test, then your choice is right otherwise you have to reconsider it.

Keeping into consideration the present situation, if you are looking for a certified protection mask, we suggest you try the KN95 mask. It’s manufactured with high standards of quality to offer maximum protection against microbes, especially viruses.

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