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How N95 and KN95 masks is helpful in prevention of Covid-19?

During any kind of pandemic or situation or disease outbreak that is kind of contagious so you have to make sure that you have protected yourself from such kinds of contagious diseases or not? So for this, you have to make yourself protected by a protection mask and these protection masks are very helpful in preventing you from several kinds of diseases.

As we all know due to the corona outbreak it is very necessary to protect yourself from these persons who are suffering from these diseases.

Transmission of the disease and its preventive measure:

The cover-19 is a very powerful virus that can be transmitted through different persons who are infected with this disease that is called SARS. If any person is infected with this virus then he can transmit this virus to other people through different routes either by shaking hands with people or sneezing or coughing. When a person infected with the virus sneeze then the droplets coming out from the mouth contains thousands of tiny particles that contain a lot of bacteria and viruses that can be entered in the mouth of any healthy person who is not wearing protective masks and can be infected with these viruses.

KN95 Masks significance :

KN95 masks are also one of the modified forms of protection masks that have the capability to protect people from this virus because they have special layers that can protect people from this virus in a special pattern. The droplets and all the particles can not be crossed the membrane and people can save themselves from such infections and viruses.

Process of usage of these masks

There is a unique and single process of using this KN95 mask which has the ability to save you from different problems like viruses and different kinds of dust problems. Here we are going to demonstrate to you the method of using the KN95 masks in a proper pattern.

  • First of all, you have to place, the nose clip of the mask in the upper direction which will be fitted with the nose. The side clip is also present which is in front of the face.
  • Now try to fix your mask and then place it in such a way that the ear bands will be back on your ear and do not leave it until you feel like you have fitted this mask properly to your ears.
  • As we know it has a nose clip. So try to use the nose clip in such a direction that your nose clip will fit on your mask according to the size of your nose. Use this with two fingers of both hands.
  • Now place the whole hand on the mask and try to comfort the mask and check properly that the mask is properly adjusted or not. If you feel unwell you can fix it again to make it better.


As we have discussed the protection mask and the important and most common one KN95 mask, it is inferred that this mask is considered as one of the best masks in the market for the protection of such viruses that are spreading viral diseases. As we know Covid-19 is a very dangerous disease so we can save ourselves by wearing a KN95 mask that is a great protection mask.

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