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When and how to use protection masks?

In the last of 2019, a novel virus starts spreading from a city of China that has now spread all over the world, catching people like a fire in the forest. The virus is known as SARS-CoV-2, causing Covid-19 disease with the symptoms of tiredness, fever, pneumonia, or difficult breathing.

As you may be hearing of the importance of protection masks these days to circumvent this disease with other precautions. You can use surgical masks that are little loose and avoid splashes, respiratory secretions, and other large particles and easily disposable, however, KN95 respirator is tight-fitting masks that filter out small particles like viruses and bacteria. Let’s dive into the when and how!

When to use KN95 or other protection masks?

People suffering from the disease have to wear KN95 or other protection masks to keep others safe, while healthy people don’t need to wear it all the time. You should use facemasks for the following reasons:

  • Wear a mask while taking care of a person suspected of Covid-19.
  • Use them while coughing or sneezing frequently.
  • Wear masks when going out and also do frequent hand washing with soap or alcohol-based mixture
  • After using and coming back from suspected patients, dispose of properly.

How to use protection masks or KN95?

Eventually, many people around us take and wear a mask without considering the necessary precautions for Covid-19 because if your hands are contaminated, or mask is not sterilized, it would be a carrier of the virus. Adopt the following guidelines to use protection masks:

  1. Buy the mask from any medical shop/pharmacy instead of local shops selling unsealed or sterilized cloth masks.
  2. Wash your hands with soap and water or rub the alcohol-based mixture/sanitizer before wearing a mask.
  3. Take out the mask, cover your nose and mouth, and make sure no gaps left between mask and face from the corners.
  4. Don’t touch your mask while using, and it may have catch germs or viruses if you did now wash your hands.
  5. Once your masks are damped, or you have used them earlier, dispose of and replace them with a new one. Don’t use the same again!
  6. While removing, pick the behind strips pf mask and dispose of in the closed bin; don’t throw in open containers or places. Someone may use them, or it would carry the virus to them. Now wash your hands or rub them with an alcohol-based solution.

Are surgical masks and KN95 masks better than homemade masks?

Of course, yes, different studies have been conducted that showed homemade masks are 50% less productive than surgical masks and 50times less than KN95 respirators. Another one shows, surgical masks are three times better in filtering the bacteria and cough droplets. All these researches have been conducted after people started making with cloth pieces like scarfs etc.

NOTE: The Centre for disease control and prevention (CDC) has advised only to use surgical and KN95 protection masks in case nothing is available you can use homemade masks.

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